Who We Are

EKOSHORTLETS is an apartment management company that is redefining the apartment narrative with ultra-precision and nicety. We have taken up the challenge to change the ShortLet and apartment tale, one customer at a time.

We run a company that has our clients at the bedrock of our services. To this end, the ultimate comfort and pleasure of our client(s) constantly propels us to do more in ensuring that we run a primus inter pares ShortLet and Hospitality service.

Africa is synonymous with a high duct of sociality. The vivacious persona of her people is the evidence of her overtly social living. With EKOSHORTLETS, you will have a pristine feel of the highly social and gregarious living from one of the finest cities in Africa and by extension many of the other top cities of the world. The emotion of joy is second to none; it is better experienced than spoken of.

What We Do
Property Management

We take on other people's property in a managerial capacity. These property, will be put up on our fleet of tastefully furnished apartments and they will be made up to fit in to the standard of our primus inter pares luxurious spaces, whilst retaining an almost pristine state. Owners of such property will be given a percentage of our income on a monthly basis without fail. To this end, it's a win-win situation for both the owners of property and the team at EKOSHORTLETS. Thus, a great return on investment is brought about on such a place.

Property Marketing

We also market a diverse range of property. These belong to a separate listing – here we perform the duty of a middleman who links property owners with potential clients and vice versa. The Ekoshortlets company gets a percentage of the total income generated on such a place whilst the owner is solely responsible for purchase and or procurement of relevant amenities to ensure a comfortable stay for the client.

Interior Design

A great space is majorly dependent on how much the interior designs appeal to the senses of sight of would-be clients. It is easier to market an aesthetically pleasing space than a blank and otherwise basic setup. It is in line with this, that the Ekoshortlets delved into the realm of Interior Design. Here we transform spaces from mundane to mesmerizing, from appalling to appealing. We have reconstructed and redesigned many void spots to valuable ones by our state of the art and master interior design expertise. We do not compromise on quality and a trial will have you booking this service repeatedly. Our apartments are tailored to suit the style and needs of our clients. Be it a fully furnished apartment by homeowners or apartments that involve intricate details and expertise, our in-house interior designer is always available to give our apartments a total facelift.


What People Says About Us

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